Virtual Personal Training Sessions

Do not have the time or energy to invest in one on one coaching?  Can’t find the means to travel to a gym?  Does the gym keep hours that are inconvenient for you?  All of these factors are working against you but you are still determined to get into the best shape of your life! The solution is virtual personal training sessions.  Virtual personal training is designed to fit your needs for time, privacy and space.  With virtual personal training your training sessions are designed to meet your personal goals just as the face to face sessions but the difference is it is in a virtual setting and can be done on your time in the comfort of your home.  You will have access to video exercise libraries and follow along exercise videos that will be located in the members area.  You will have full virtual access to your trainer by way of email, telephone or video chat.  Although telephone and video chat will be limited to times and days and available by appointment only, email access is 24/7 and will be answered within 24 hours of receipt.


If you have any questions please feel free contact us.  Are you convinced and ready to start?  Make an appointment today!