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About TRX


“What is TRX?”

The company born in the Navy SEALs that created the Suspension Trainer and the Rip Trainer
TRX gear and workout programs help people of all levels increase their fitness level.

“What is functional training?”
Originating in physical therapy, functional training consists of exercises that help you move and feel better in sport and life.

“What is Suspension Training?”
A proprietary form of exercise, invented by TRX, that leverages your body weight to help build strength, lose weight and increase flexibility using the TRX Suspension Trainer.

“Why Suspension Training?”
Tone and lose weight > Workouts combine flexibility, core, cardio and
strength training to maximize results > Every exercise performed engages your core, that’s
why we say, All Core, All the Time.
Get stronger > Hit every muscle with the hundreds of exercises
Improve performance > Used by professional athletes like Drew Brees and
every branch of the U.S. military > Helps people train for endurance sports like running
and triathlon.
Workouts are fast, effective and fun > Achieve a total body workout in under 45 minutes
All levels, all goals > TRX can adjust in level of difficulty to benefit people
of all fitness levels and help them achieve all of their fitness goals.

“What is Rip Training?”
Exercise that builds core and overall strength while providing a great cardiovascular workout using the TRX Rip Trainer, a tool comprised of a lever bar and resistance cord.

“Why Rip Training?”
Build strength and power Improve balance and coordination Lose weight Get an intense cardiovascular workout All levels, all goals.

TRX is one of several specialty classes offered at Ultimate Body Solution.    TRX is the innovator of body weight and core exercise.  It is both fun and effective.  I speak from experience when I say that you won’t even notice the effectiveness until you stop moving….  Or until you wake up the next morning!  But the thing is,  its that good pain.  It’s that go back and do it again because you “gotta have more” pain.  After that first month you will be able to notice a change in your own abilities.  This class is offered on a month to month basis.  The classes are offered twice a week for one hour sessions.  Both TRX suspension and TRX rip classes are offered.


Are you ready to “Make Your Body Your Machine”?