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Cecilia Alston, CPT, HHC, LMT

Cecilia Alston is a multi-talented health, fitness and massage therapist extraordinaire. She became a fitness expert in January 2011 being nationally certified through the largest accredited and industry sought after school, the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  She now trains individuals and groups of all ages and goal desires. As a fitness expert she is aware of the muscular stress that can occur when striving to be physically fit.  This is why she decided to add to her skill set Massage and Bodywork Therapy.  As a graduate of the Academy of Natural Health Science she is now a Certified Massage Therapist trained in the arts of Shiatsu, Medical Massage, Swedish Massage and Reflexology. Upon graduation she earned her license status in massage therapy for the state of NJ. Massage helps to relieve the stress on the muscles and helps the client to relax while helping to recover from any injuries by returning the muscles to their normal functionality. She is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach and graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she studied the importance of primary food, dietary theories, and bio-individuality.  Most importantly she learned to listen and respond to the needs of others through the use of health histories. Ms Alston is a very well rounded Optimal Health and Fitness Coach.  Whether you choose to use all or just one of her skills, you are sure to achieve the results that you seek.  Real commitment yields real results!  How committed are you?


Personal Trainer, NASM

Weight Loss Specialist, NASM

MMA Conditioning Coach, NASM

Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM



Kung Fu Fitness, NESTA

TRX Suspension, TRX


Massage Therapist, Academy of Natural Health

Holistic Health Coach, Integrative Nutrition