About Ultimate Body Solution

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The Ultimate Body Solution is composed of nutrition, fitness and massage therapy.  These three entities mimic the body mind and soul theory.  As  Holistic Health Counselors for nutrition, we teach that nutrition is not only what we eat but how we live our lives.  Our lifestyle is directly associated with our nutritional health.  Physical fitness further enhances our bodies because with the proper nutrition and fitness we can restructure our body to make it meet the goal that we want.  At the same time both nutrition and physical fitness can be very demanding on our bodies and our minds.  This is where massage therapy comes in.  Massage is a form of natural healing for the body where you can relax your mind with a deep tissue aromatherapy massage or recover from a duration of physical demand with a sports therapy massage.

The Ultimate Body Solution is unique because it is a classes based fitness studio.  We specialize in functional fitness.  You will not find any big complicated machines or fancy equipment here.  We use simple time and science proven body weight techniques and methodologies for our fitness sessions.  Whatever your fitness goal is, it can be accomplished here.  We offer several different class packages as well as one on one personal training.  Ultimate Body Solution feature both women only classes and coed classes.  The nutrition classes can be taken as part of a specialty fitness class or as a stand alone program.  The massage therapy sessions offer a broad array of options as well.  We are skilled in deep tissue massage, deep pressure massage, sports massage, reflexology and chair massage.